EVOO Sensory Testing by Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory

Did you know that the extra-virgin designation is determined by a combination of laboratory testing/chemical analysis and sensory testing by an expert taster panel? Fruity taste and flower - herbal aromas are prevalent in eumelia olive oil according to the Kalamata Olive Oil Taste Laboratory.

Special surprise for our first state customers!

The first person that orders from each one of the states in the US gets a big surprise! Could you be the first one in your State?

From one of our customers:

" You are amazing! Thank you so much for my gift!! I will happily spread the love of this amazing olive oil to my wonderful family. Love your product and your care for our planet!" Arian, USA

Written by Frangiskos Karelas — February 11, 2013

With you in mind!

Our organic products will reach your front door, made with love and you in mind!

Written by Frangiskos Karelas — October 13, 2012

Eumelia Online Store

Eumelia’s online store covering the Unites States of America, Canada & Mexico will be opening November 15th 2012.

Written by Frangiskos Karelas — October 13, 2012

Food & Wine Hotel Award 2017

Eumelia is one of the honorees to receive the 2017 Food & Wine Hotel Award by the prestigious Food & Wine Magazine.